Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Interesting happenings mk.II

Hello chums and bums! I've finally gotten 'round to makin' another one o' dese things!

SO! All is going pretty well. Life in Japan is going by quickly now that I've gotten used to WAKING UP A 6 EV'VRY DAY. I also know now how to make Eggnog.
Now becuase I'm a fervent believer in homespun stories told by firelight 'round a bonny fire I'll keep all the JUICY stories to myself but I will say this...

Things are changing.

Now, it may be becuase I'm stuck, alone, in Tokyo Akihabara disctrict at 10pm but I'm feeling pretty Genki (editor's note, ''Genki'' means good/high energy).
I feel as if I should tell all you folks that yous shouldn't give life the compliment to take it seriously! Oh, an' you should read some Robert W. Service poems.

Isn't it wierd that when you're travelling and things are going REALLY good there's no one around to share it with?

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ohcomeoffitgetreal said...

I don't know that I've traveled on my own enough to relate. There were moments in Amsterdam, when I was on my own, that I had wished someone was there to share the city with. But what you've done is much larger in scale. I suppose I can understand the feeling, as I've had that sense of missed companionship in other facets of life, but I think I need to do some major solo traveling some time in the future.