Monday, December 6, 2010

Movie review!

The Road.

Holy shoot.

This movie is like Fallout 3 x100.
Do NOT watch this movie if you want to be cheered up.
Post apocaliptia is NOT cool.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


there was this one dude named samsong and he was rad strong. he didnt tell nobody but his secret was his really long hiar that he never cutt in his life.
so when the persians (fuck those guys were dicks) were fuckin up shit and dissin our lord jesus shirst and was fuckin up shit samsong was all 'stop it u fucks!' and he totally kicked thier ass and they went running.
the persians were sick of eing eat up by samsong so they got this BITCH to go all tom clancy and figure out wut made samsong so strong. her name was delilia because she was da fuckin lier.
so she used her tits and shit to make samsong fall in love and while he was splitting her cell with his dick was pillow talked his secret away. he said 'ur so good Delilia and i love you so much and shit and she said i lov you to but whats ur secret to being so strong? and he said it's because i never cut my hair! and then persiens fucing popped out of the curtains and shit with their some dick boners because they were listenin and watching and they CUT HIS HAIR!
to put the cherry dick on top of the fucked cake they cut his hair out and CUT HIS EYES OUT TOO!
so samsong had to turn a wheel or something as punishment and the persiens sucked each outhers dicks and sexed delilia but deliliea really liked samsong it turns out and she felt sorry for him! and she deciced to help him with her plan.
the persiens were so dum they forgot to shave samsongs ballz though and he had some hair on them too (LOL) but hjis really hair grew bakc somme and he said 'god i no that my hair isn7't so long but I need the power to fuck up some shit' so Samsong PUSHED the pillars he was chained to and all the fucking persiens died by being crushed and delilia too.
the whol time though Samsongs power really came from loving god but he got vein and shit and forgot but he prayed and loved god at the end which really gave him his power back.

Interesting happenings mk.II

Hello chums and bums! I've finally gotten 'round to makin' another one o' dese things!

SO! All is going pretty well. Life in Japan is going by quickly now that I've gotten used to WAKING UP A 6 EV'VRY DAY. I also know now how to make Eggnog.
Now becuase I'm a fervent believer in homespun stories told by firelight 'round a bonny fire I'll keep all the JUICY stories to myself but I will say this...

Things are changing.

Now, it may be becuase I'm stuck, alone, in Tokyo Akihabara disctrict at 10pm but I'm feeling pretty Genki (editor's note, ''Genki'' means good/high energy).
I feel as if I should tell all you folks that yous shouldn't give life the compliment to take it seriously! Oh, an' you should read some Robert W. Service poems.

Isn't it wierd that when you're travelling and things are going REALLY good there's no one around to share it with?

Monday, November 8, 2010

sweet lootz

Dig this LOSERS:

This shit happens ALL THE TIME

I'm sorry about the loser comment. :(

Monday, November 1, 2010

dave and golieth

David and Golieth

Once upon a time there was this big dude named golieth. Golieth was so fucking big that if a bitch were to suck his fat cock she had to stand up while he fucking crouched.
Becuase Golieth was suck an asshole and a fucker he diecied that god fucking sucked and taht he was better. so he joined the persiean army or some shit that which hated god and jesus.
One day Golieth and the persian army was decided to fuck up Beblanand to fight the guys there.
Golieth thought he was touch shit so he said "I will fuck up all you asshoels but because I'm so fucking cool I'll fight one on one wit ur best."
Everythone in Bethlan was fuckkin pissed scared and they said "that Golieth is a fucker" but they were scared and they didn't have faith in god 'cuase they were pussys and they forgot god had their backs if they weren't.
One dude call david was like "fuck that noise, god is my homey 'an he wont let this fucker fuck me if I believe in Jesus."
Eveyone who was a pussy though said "dave what the fuck your like ten! and your a fucking small dude. You're going to fucking get fucked!"
David didn't listen though because he had god on his hart.
He whent to Golith and said "hey ass! I'm david and i'm going to beat you becuase you don't believe in God." but Golieth "HAR HAR HAr! your the best this puny city has! you're ten and an fucker! dere's no WAY you can beat ME!"
but daivid new that god was on his side and he knew that he could do it because the great god who created everything can't do something!?? He can do ANYTHIN!G!
So david spun his sling which was like a slingshot or some shit and fucked a rock right into daivd's HEAD!
Everyone was amazed because David took down Golieth without a sord or a gun or any man weapon he only used a kid's sling! They finally wren't pussies anymore and the army DESTROYED the persians and David was a hero.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back from the past! Peewww!!

--------------------------------Hello friends.------------------------------

Theory: How can one person find the truth?
Here's the Hypo: By searching.
Empty closure? Perhaps.

Here's the skinny folks, the only way to find the truth is to
Immerse yourself. Are you Safe?
Never? Always?
Think back... when do you learn the most?
So when did you think back to?

In fact...ah nevermind. I don't know if your ready.
Never doubt the unknown! Lemme tell ya.

Theory: Deftness of unknown breeds improvement
Hypo: waitidontthinkimdoingitright
Eaawww man! I screwed it up!

Please. Promise me to do your best?
Is that a hard thing to promise? How can you fail.
Can you even fail?