Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Top shape.

Look, guys, the internet IS the only place to freely express yourself and what you want to say. It's the ultimate first and there should be no question about that.

but there is a line not to be crossed.


Don't mother-fucking EEEEEEVER talk shit about brodie. EVER. It's about respect. IT'S ABOUT RESPECT.

Friday, December 19, 2008

A tale of the Tail of Fail

There once of a tail of fail,
it just couldn't do what was untailed!
So it went to the bay
and stumble on hay,
Without fail the tail went "KepBaaaaaaaail!"

But seriously, folks, I haven't not unforgotten about this blog. It's actually one of the few things that I actually do when I'm bored! As for what is expected of me for this blog... well...
Screw you! Let's see your Blog, huh? I'm trying, okay!? It's very difficult!
It's not like I can draw anything other than Luigi and Mew! Perhaps That's all you want!? Mew's and Luigi's until the day I die? You want me to be a one trick pony? Hopping around on my fracking two legged pony ass playing tricks for your pompus, fat, unrespecting, obese, zitty, over-wieght chirldren???!!!


I'll do whatever I want on MY BLOG (hosted, for free, by! The greatest free blog site in all of the internet! Join today and share in the fun!)This is my bastion! My Fortress! I'm only letting you in 'cause I'm ballin' like that!

I'm the forth grade king, Baby!

Water man, you heard the man!, WATER!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Relief from sexual discorse

SO! some of my readers have been asking questions. This isn't so bad, PER SAY, but one questioneer in particular had this to say:


How do I cure my sexual discorse? I WAS on track but now I'm off track and my HONEY is suffering because of it!
Wat should I doooooooooo???6!

With love,
Charlie Hansen of the Fruit Frugg Fliers"

Well Charlie. The cure for sexual discorse is simple. As simple as eating a pear.

If you eat one pear(no share!) there'll be no problems!
And ploblems are the only things holding you back. That and Hugo the monster bulldoùzer.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Honey hens

U go up 2 a hony an U say "hoooonney U wanna b my honey??" an shes lik "Tsch! i ain't wannin 2 b ur honey! U uuogly!" and U say "come one honey i no u wud mak a good honey for me an u no i treat u right!" an she gets all up in yo gril an shes lik "U dont no me! ill be hoo evrs honey i want 2 be!" an shes all steamin an shit an ur like "honey please! u ant nedin 2 b so sour" an she storms of an is all lik "shut ur uogly stupid, face!"
but u know u hav her hart.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Camcorder shenanigans

What's up suckas? This is me, comingatcha with my new.... blogspot blog!

So I've recently repaired an old RCA VCR Camcorder. Indeed. The games are affot now, my firends. YES

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tales of the Habitual Dissin

Colonel Digital_W0rld stood at the ready on the front lines. His brow was sweating with sweat and his digits were quite at the ready. His buldging, far-seeing far-seers saw farly, but they could not still see the seeings (which, quite ironically, were, IN FACT, not as far away as the the Seeings would've hoped.)
"ZonDS!" and "CA-DOOSHIN" as the branches flew! The mayham arrived with such quickness it was quite unstoppable to attempt to stop!
But Cl. Digital_W0rld found a way.
The seeings were defeated for the day! Their troops withdrew and the spoils of the victory on Colonel Mustard's victolly were joyous and plentiful.
...but all was not well. For The Seeings brooded on their defeat and they SWORE that they would return....with an AVENGENCE!!!!!!!

--- --
----- ---- ---D
--O-- o-- é -. -. -. X---- X ------D
----UUU-- ---P------D

Friday, December 5, 2008