Thursday, February 26, 2009


As I alluded in my last post we shall, indeed, talk about LASERS and their relative relation to revealing the level of you IQ.

In the world there are some who's IQ level is <180LIQP. Some are >180LIQP. Some are even =220LIQP. Mine is (or,"was" at one point) =240LIQP. Jaaaaaassssooon claims his is at a daunting 250. But he never proved it. NEVER.

Also an update:

|\|07|-|1|\||_7 |\|3\/\/ 70 |'3|>0|'7 , |_70\/3|\|3|'


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Intelligence in terms of LASERS

Greetings, my friends. Today I will speak of LASER.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Updation on my status as the R&R Keenge.

On occasion I witness some acts of Rough and Rugged-ness. Fifteen of of ten times I am waiting to be impressed.

I employ all of you to try your best to exceed any and ALL standards of self-rugged-ness coupled with a heaping helping of Rough.

One peron once said "I have never been defeated becasue I've a-never BEAN beaten."

Can your spout the same yessense?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This is a public service announcement for all residents in the greater Nanaimo and surronding areas including but no limited to Candyland and Gabe

A mysterious stranger has been spotted lurking around the Greater Nanaimo area. He is described as a shorter man with no distictive features save for some bizzarre colouring in his eyes. Eyewitness reports report that his eyes look not entirely unlike certain areas on the female body.

One witness had this to say:
"yo shit man it was wack yo it was all like 'sheeiiit boy you got a case o' da pink i!' but then man i cam closer man and it was all like 'ShEIT man you got da PINK i's!' fuk man it was all fukkd up man he just looked at me with his i's man an' i was all fuk."

Truly alarming reports are continuing to flow in by the handbag load. We will keep you informed as best we can. In the meanwhile it is up to you, the public, to keep your vigilanty eyes open and keep an open mind.

Stay alert. Stay safe.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wait---! No! Huh-unh!?

Not to long ago I came across a dilemma of sorts.

Not long after I found the answer.