Thursday, July 2, 2009

Listen not to the goat whos beard sways on a breezeless night.

Once, many nights past, a being came to me in the midst of a dreamy dream.
It said
"Young Master, who's mind knows not the boundaries of itself, remain for a time and hear."
The B's words were mysterious and echoed the doubts that resounded within my dome. I had not the will to turn and run. Needlessly I stopped and listened.
He spoke "From moons hence yourself will wait and minds will meet and consider. After a time our feelings will seek and be sought. Know that and nothing more. Henceforth forevermore."
It's riddles riddled me and I pondered. My eyes traced the very spot it came to me.
And I noticed the area was occupied. Undaunted I continued to look. And what I saw shook me to the very fabric of my core.
Within the unempty spot of space I saw the Man-Pac miniature. A top it A note lay and read:
"M E A T L O A F"