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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Up and Coming Porn-Star

As the wind began to pick up the Slime shivered. 'why is it that on windy days my heart shivers in time with my thoughts?'

Oooh, so you want more info?

Stuff it!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Windy as a carp

Listen chummos, this is what I gots ta say:

Five-eleven fifty two skadoo

Flip the dip eat some kipps.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

I think youhavetomuchimagination

hi reuben may I ask what book you are reading OH HI HANNAH YES ITS A BOOK ABOUT NOAH'S ARC reuben do you actually believe in the bible story of noah's arc WELL uH YES I DO I BELIEVE IN WHAT IT SAID ooooh hwuk hwuk okay then reuben YES HANNAH as the head librarian here I must reccommend for you to read perhaps some more informative books there's always the dictionary encyclopedias and many history books to choose from NO HANNAH I LIKE BOOKS ABOUT ANIMALS THOSE OTHER BOOKS ARE BORING TO ME animals? well, how about these books HEY LOOK HERE THIS ONE BOOK IS CALLED CREATURE RACING AH CREATURE RACING DO YOU THINK THAT NOAH HAD ANY CREATURE RACES IN THOSE DAYS AFTER THE WORLD FLOOD I MEAN DID NOAH PLAY AND HAVE FUN WITH THE ANIMALS WITH RACING GAMES RACING GAMES WOW WHAT DO YOU THINK HANNAH HMMM I WONDER I think I think you read too many books reuben imagine that racing games haha you have too much imagination reuben I wonder hmm and who would actually start and announce such a race would it be god himself maybe ha ha yeah right now i've heard everything god organizes an animal race and is also a great race announcer ha ha well god cannot do that BUT BUT YOU KNOW THAT GOD CAN DO IT BECAUSE GOD CAN DO ANYTHING ARE YOU SAYING THAT THE GREAT GOD WHO MADE EARTH CANNOT DO SOMETHING COME ON HANNAH LETS RACE YOU AND ME LETS RACE LETS HAVE SOME FUN JUST AROUND THE LIBRARY HEHE I’LL RACE YOU HANNAH COME ON HANNAH ARE YOU GOING TO RACE ME what reuben are you crazy!? there's no racetrack around here and i'm not even dressed for racing i'm not some dumb animal creature like you read in your books you need to get a brain reuben and besides that I don't think I can race even if I wanted to I'm not very strong or anything how could I ever race i mean i'm very small and so very thin and uh uh ahh I don't feel like I can race I don't feel very well uh *kaspew* *kaspew* *kaspew*kaspew* woah what happened well oh great i'm a horse now *neigh* and you reuben you're a rhinocerus *caw* oh this is just so crazy I just want to know something what else could ever happen to us today *door opens* what else can happen *door closes* *door opens* *reroaree* |'34|)'/ 537 |_7000! *caw* *caw* 47 7|-|3 574|'7 17*5 (41|\| 7|-|3 (0|_||_74|' |=0||0|/\|3|) |3'/ |>|'3(1||4 7|-|3 |>1|_7! 4|\||\|4 7|-|3 |-|0|'53 4|\||) |'3|_||33|\| 7|-|3 |'|_|1|\|0 *neigh* *music* *neigh* *explosion*|300|\/|(?) *NEIGH!!!* It Was A Half Past Nine Or A Quarter To Ten They Said Something Then It Started Again All Over Again (?) The Clash Was On *muffled God voices* And They Started To Fight I Know The Werder (?) But Is It Right No It's Not Alright *Neigh!!* *crashing falls* And The Lord Said Unto Me He Said The Walls Were To Much To See *fire pillars* mamanaFinish The Work roundnowbrowncowtheearthhhh *music* *popping balloons* *change in music* *horns* *party!* *electro dance* *neigh* *galloping and electronic drum solo* And The Rain *dying monkeys* Came Pouring Down shanamooo And It Made Lots Of Sound shmacethefound We Walked In Rest And It Came To A Stop The Door Opened With A Great Big Hop allonthetoppp We Got Out And We Prayed For A While *LOUD NOISES* *trains* shmamananawaaa *train horn* *rocks falling apart* (quote): i wanna know something what else could ever happen to us again *neigh!* *rocket fire* fire! *rocket noooooooooises* *quiet clap music* *bloop* *fade out* (0|\||_7|'47|_||4710|\|5 |-|4|\||\|4|-| 7|-|3 |-|0|'53 *late losers* wa-ah is this-s-s a-a-ah dream-eam-eam-mmm?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Listen not to the goat whos beard sways on a breezeless night.

Once, many nights past, a being came to me in the midst of a dreamy dream.
It said
"Young Master, who's mind knows not the boundaries of itself, remain for a time and hear."
The B's words were mysterious and echoed the doubts that resounded within my dome. I had not the will to turn and run. Needlessly I stopped and listened.
He spoke "From moons hence yourself will wait and minds will meet and consider. After a time our feelings will seek and be sought. Know that and nothing more. Henceforth forevermore."
It's riddles riddled me and I pondered. My eyes traced the very spot it came to me.
And I noticed the area was occupied. Undaunted I continued to look. And what I saw shook me to the very fabric of my core.
Within the unempty spot of space I saw the Man-Pac miniature. A top it A note lay and read:
"M E A T L O A F"

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ah! Beards and Convictions!

Yo whassup suckas?
This is me...comingatcha with a new... web log!

Hah! Old jokes are the best. So anyway everything is going well for me. My K-Adventure is finito and I'm currently on some down time. But I'm not at home... No! I'm actually in Lethbridge again! No meaty smells...yet!

What more do you want?

My face is bare once again.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Long time post

Well my funkies it seems as though I have yet to make a up to date post. My last one was when Anto and I rumbled.

So everything is going a-okay, eh. I've been training my mind as well as my body and it seems to be paying off. I've been stretching almost EVERYDAY and I can touch the floor without bending mah knees!

(Chew on THAT, J. Sun)

So hey! It seems the date for my triumphant return is in less than one month! Less than o////!@#@#?////2/2//
(0|\|0|' 1'\/3 (o|\/|3 1|\|70 (0|\|74(7 \/\/17|-| 50|\/|3 |\|35 |_74|\/|35 4|\||7 07|-|3|' 0|7|717135.

1'|_|_ |'3\/34|_ |\/|0|'3 ||\||=0 1|\| |_355 7|-|4|\| 0|\|3 |\/|0|\|7|-|

|33|/\|4|' 7|-|3 |'3|7 |=4|_(0|\|

- |31|\/||\/|'/
///@#?#??/4/4/2/?///e month!!! (wat was that???)

Well peace out.
Don't bite the hand that is dirty

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Once upon a midnight dreary

I sat and pondered. I did. Really.
When who should knock upon my door?
Why my great friend, Philip Stonimore!
"Philip, my friend, sit and chat!"
But Philip feel. Stiff and flat.
Philip was dead and a knife stuck forth
and it bore the insignia "MEATLOAF"

Meatloaf!! What a horrible thing!
He killed my good friend
(Prob'ly with a grin)
Meatloaf! I swear to you, my horrible enenimy!
I hunt you down and KICK YOUR FAT ASS

Sunday, April 5, 2009

New past

Akay, sa I knaw I hoven't mode past far while. But hey, wha reolly expects me ta updote very aften, right? I meon.... it's nat like I gats onything gaing an then, eh!?!

I suppose I should entertain you all with a funny anectdote since you're being so kind and giving weight to my blog and stuff. That past Spanish Simpson Dragonball Z blog doesn't really cut it. I didn't even make the stupid(HILARIOUS) thing!

So the other day I was Walking with my buddy....uh...Reisen Storck and we came across a stuffed chimney. I was thinking to myslef "Boy! What an breezey way to eat pumpkins!". I voiced my thoughts to Riesen Storck and he

Oh shit! It's dinner time! Later suckers!



Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009


As I alluded in my last post we shall, indeed, talk about LASERS and their relative relation to revealing the level of you IQ.

In the world there are some who's IQ level is <180LIQP. Some are >180LIQP. Some are even =220LIQP. Mine is (or,"was" at one point) =240LIQP. Jaaaaaassssooon claims his is at a daunting 250. But he never proved it. NEVER.

Also an update:

|\|07|-|1|\||_7 |\|3\/\/ 70 |'3|>0|'7 , |_70\/3|\|3|'


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Intelligence in terms of LASERS

Greetings, my friends. Today I will speak of LASER.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Updation on my status as the R&R Keenge.

On occasion I witness some acts of Rough and Rugged-ness. Fifteen of of ten times I am waiting to be impressed.

I employ all of you to try your best to exceed any and ALL standards of self-rugged-ness coupled with a heaping helping of Rough.

One peron once said "I have never been defeated becasue I've a-never BEAN beaten."

Can your spout the same yessense?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This is a public service announcement for all residents in the greater Nanaimo and surronding areas including but no limited to Candyland and Gabe

A mysterious stranger has been spotted lurking around the Greater Nanaimo area. He is described as a shorter man with no distictive features save for some bizzarre colouring in his eyes. Eyewitness reports report that his eyes look not entirely unlike certain areas on the female body.

One witness had this to say:
"yo shit man it was wack yo it was all like 'sheeiiit boy you got a case o' da pink i!' but then man i cam closer man and it was all like 'ShEIT man you got da PINK i's!' fuk man it was all fukkd up man he just looked at me with his i's man an' i was all fuk."

Truly alarming reports are continuing to flow in by the handbag load. We will keep you informed as best we can. In the meanwhile it is up to you, the public, to keep your vigilanty eyes open and keep an open mind.

Stay alert. Stay safe.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wait---! No! Huh-unh!?

Not to long ago I came across a dilemma of sorts.

Not long after I found the answer.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


There are times when we feel trapped; When the voice of doubt and oppression rings loudest and we falter; The human spirit breaks and we submit to those who wish us to do so. They teach us not to be strong; They teach us that we are weak.They preach that, only together with them, can we be something, anything, more.

It is during these times that we are at our weakest, our most vulnerable, and yet, our strongest.Only during the most blatent instances, when their false authority beams down upon us and they assert their beliefs as fact, do we get a chance to look beyond what they say and what we were taught see ourselves as: Our true selves. Sometimes people don't understand or like what they see, they are the ones who falter, who give in to the lies. But sometimes... sometimes there are those who see their true selves...who see the real human spirit, the PASSION, and, thusly, embody it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Chinga chinga chinga, whaaaaaa-eeeeeeyyyyyyeeeeuuui!
Wha- what! Uh- uhn?
Why'd you rock out of my house, leave me all bluuuueee~
I'm looking at your ferret and thinking of shoooeees~

And now you sadly weep,
My heart it creeps the creep
dinga dinga shoooosw~!

An exert of my musical lyric of "Antonio Brosky"
For Koool Adian.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

mullet dungeon

So lately my chums have been getting cheesed at me because I decided to cut my hair and I, acidentaly, gave myslef a mullet. They seem to believe that, for whatever reason, having a mullet is 'out of style' or 'uncool, lame, and wierd'.
I disagree.
I think that the hair style looks good and that it fits my lifestyle. I can't ever see the back of my head so I figure it'll never effect me.
They shouldn't even complain becuase I've decided to not cut my hair any more anyway!
Soon my locks will be long and flowing, overlapping my mullet and bringing peace to my chum's unhappy judges.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Strange Deal

Here is a tale for those who wish to read it,

Not a week prior to this date I had a strange encounter with someone. We had a group of people over at our house, see, and we were playing "Hide 'N Go Seek" (A truly delightful game were some goes out to hide while one goes out to seek. I decided to hide in a truly peaceful and recluded place; the secret broken-bath room in a bath room. While sitting there, peacefully mulling over life's questions, some entinty came into the bathroom. I could but sit silently waiting for his (her?) move. I figured that this person could well be the seeker or Hide and Seek Lore!!
Sadly, it seemed this unknown person/thing/U.O had more devious plans.
I spent the next few minutes bearing mute witness (with my ears) to this entinty EXPELLING WASTE FROM HIS(HER?(IT'S??)) DIGESTIVE SYSTEM

It was really an experience. As of this time I have no idea who it was. Pehaps I never will.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Maniblues

Well, soon I will be reloctaing myself. Yup.
Yes. Well.
Not much more I can add to that.
Question everything.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Encore Important messagé.

I know not if it is proper blog ediqit to post twice in a few minutes. But then again, I was never one to follow ediqit

Snad Tit.

And so.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My song for inspiration

Na na na na naaaaa--!

Hey hey hey hey heeeeey!

Let's go, uhn!

When you're walking (walking, walking down the street) you smile at every, every person you meet (meat, yum!)

Hey whaaaaaaa--- so yoooooooou"!!!


So yeah. Everything is good on my end. What's it to ya? I hope you all had some nice holidays. I've been listening to a lot of Alvin and his chipmunk bretheren. Y'know it's true. It's a happy thing when you learn to sing. I'LL KEEP THAT IN MIND WHEN I FIGURE OUT HOOOOOOW!!!!! Graaaaahaww!