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I think youhavetomuchimagination

hi reuben may I ask what book you are reading OH HI HANNAH YES ITS A BOOK ABOUT NOAH'S ARC reuben do you actually believe in the bible story of noah's arc WELL uH YES I DO I BELIEVE IN WHAT IT SAID ooooh hwuk hwuk okay then reuben YES HANNAH as the head librarian here I must reccommend for you to read perhaps some more informative books there's always the dictionary encyclopedias and many history books to choose from NO HANNAH I LIKE BOOKS ABOUT ANIMALS THOSE OTHER BOOKS ARE BORING TO ME animals? well, how about these books HEY LOOK HERE THIS ONE BOOK IS CALLED CREATURE RACING AH CREATURE RACING DO YOU THINK THAT NOAH HAD ANY CREATURE RACES IN THOSE DAYS AFTER THE WORLD FLOOD I MEAN DID NOAH PLAY AND HAVE FUN WITH THE ANIMALS WITH RACING GAMES RACING GAMES WOW WHAT DO YOU THINK HANNAH HMMM I WONDER I think I think you read too many books reuben imagine that racing games haha you have too much imagination reuben I wonder hmm and who would actually start and announce such a race would it be god himself maybe ha ha yeah right now i've heard everything god organizes an animal race and is also a great race announcer ha ha well god cannot do that BUT BUT YOU KNOW THAT GOD CAN DO IT BECAUSE GOD CAN DO ANYTHING ARE YOU SAYING THAT THE GREAT GOD WHO MADE EARTH CANNOT DO SOMETHING COME ON HANNAH LETS RACE YOU AND ME LETS RACE LETS HAVE SOME FUN JUST AROUND THE LIBRARY HEHE I’LL RACE YOU HANNAH COME ON HANNAH ARE YOU GOING TO RACE ME what reuben are you crazy!? there's no racetrack around here and i'm not even dressed for racing i'm not some dumb animal creature like you read in your books you need to get a brain reuben and besides that I don't think I can race even if I wanted to I'm not very strong or anything how could I ever race i mean i'm very small and so very thin and uh uh ahh I don't feel like I can race I don't feel very well uh *kaspew* *kaspew* *kaspew*kaspew* woah what happened well oh great i'm a horse now *neigh* and you reuben you're a rhinocerus *caw* oh this is just so crazy I just want to know something what else could ever happen to us today *door opens* what else can happen *door closes* *door opens* *reroaree* |'34|)'/ 537 |_7000! *caw* *caw* 47 7|-|3 574|'7 17*5 (41|\| 7|-|3 (0|_||_74|' |=0||0|/\|3|) |3'/ |>|'3(1||4 7|-|3 |>1|_7! 4|\||\|4 7|-|3 |-|0|'53 4|\||) |'3|_||33|\| 7|-|3 |'|_|1|\|0 *neigh* *music* *neigh* *explosion*|300|\/|(?) *NEIGH!!!* It Was A Half Past Nine Or A Quarter To Ten They Said Something Then It Started Again All Over Again (?) The Clash Was On *muffled God voices* And They Started To Fight I Know The Werder (?) But Is It Right No It's Not Alright *Neigh!!* *crashing falls* And The Lord Said Unto Me He Said The Walls Were To Much To See *fire pillars* mamanaFinish The Work roundnowbrowncowtheearthhhh *music* *popping balloons* *change in music* *horns* *party!* *electro dance* *neigh* *galloping and electronic drum solo* And The Rain *dying monkeys* Came Pouring Down shanamooo And It Made Lots Of Sound shmacethefound We Walked In Rest And It Came To A Stop The Door Opened With A Great Big Hop allonthetoppp We Got Out And We Prayed For A While *LOUD NOISES* *trains* shmamananawaaa *train horn* *rocks falling apart* (quote): i wanna know something what else could ever happen to us again *neigh!* *rocket fire* fire! *rocket noooooooooises* *quiet clap music* *bloop* *fade out* (0|\||_7|'47|_||4710|\|5 |-|4|\||\|4|-| 7|-|3 |-|0|'53 *late losers* wa-ah is this-s-s a-a-ah dream-eam-eam-mmm?